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So you don't suffer with mounting concern as you read this, please be assured: Hele is fine.

As I write this, John is in Belgium, nursing bruised pride and a few other injuries. When riding slowly past stationary traffic in the vicinity of Antwerp, a driver stuck in the queue decided to do a U-turn without any rear observation. John jammed on the brakes and managed not to hit the car, but did end up in a heap; he's recently fitted different front brakes to his T160 Trident, and they were a little too effective! All this was at only around 15 mph, he reckons.

The bike landed on him; the good news is that the bike is largely unscathed apart from a fairly bent footrest. John is okay; he was carted off to hospital in an ambulance where X-rays revealed a couple of broken bones in his foot (no big deal) and a fairly significantly broken collarbone - to the point where the hospital reckon he'll need a plate. They've strapped his arm up, presumably to immobilise it, and discharged him; he's gone to the hotel he'd already got booked. A policeman rode the bike to a police station somewhere nearby, so it should be secure.

He reports that ATGATT works well; his boot took a fair impact, so only a couple of broken bones means he got off light. And his helmet took a whack as well, though he was already planning to replace that. He now just needs to work out the best way of getting back, and getting the bike back here.

It goes without saying that IBA International Rescue will not be available for a while...



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Hi Jon,
It looks like you could do with a little help, so if there is anything I can do just give me a call or PM me.