Lighthouse Challenge GPX file

Greetings, I am planning on visiting as many lighthouses as I can next year. And I am looking for a gxp file that contains the locations of lighthouses.

I have found sites that list the co-ordinates individually but not a file with all of them. If needed I will start building one (what else to do while watching the snow fall) but if there is one already out there I would appreciate being directed to it.
I did the Lighthouse GT a few years ago and prepared these Google maps for several of my trips:

NorthEast lighthouses (not Maine)

Great Lakes lighthouses (not Michigan)

West Cost lighthouses

Mid Atlantic

I guess I misplaced maps of Florida and the Gulf Coast, sorry. You should be able to export these from Google
into something that Garmin Base Camp can read and upload to your GPS. Hope this helps!
Thank You.
For some reason Norton Antivirus is saying : which I don't believe. So I copied the address into my browser and can see the map fine. (no security alarm). Yes I should be able to get those into BaseCamp. Planning a trip out to the west coast for a meet & greet so hopefully will get some out there and doing the GL ride this year so a few more should be picked up then the rest on the East/Gulf coast. Thank You again
Happy New Year Everyone,

So I found a gpx file that contains the downloadable lighthouse locations into BaseCamp, but can't relocate where I found it ;-(. Luckily I did get it downloaded, When I try to "attach file" I get a error message "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension." So I am changing the extension to txt. You should be able to save the file then change it back to gxp.

I located the file on the United States Lighthouse Society website somewhere after signing up for the passport program.

Looking forward to some great riding in 2018, should it ever warm up.