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Although I upgraded the headlight on my 16 Street Glide to the daymaker, as I'm sure most if not all will agree, the "cone" of light is simply too narrow for dark and unfamiliar roads. I know there's a good bit available now for engine guard mounted lights, and even some that are part of the turn signals. Do any of you have experience with these add ons? Which set ups work the best for you?

I run all three daymakers on the batwing with the two outer lights programmed to stay on all of the time and Denali lights on the crash bars tied into the high beam switch. So far this setup handled every thing easy of the Mississippi from Canada to Florida without hesitation
I've got a 16 Street Glide, so no "Passing lights" on it. Which lights give you the broader "cone" for side of the road, if you can say.


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Harley calls them auxiliary lighting if you Search their website and as far as my Denali lights go they are the d4 with the combination spot and flood. If you program the auxiliary lights on all of the time you will get a nice low beam pattern about equal to a car. With the d4s on it's the same as having 3 really good headlights, but because mine are not dimmable they are too bright for oncoming traffic.
Just to throw it out there [and reviving a long-dead post] I am running the Clearwater Darla's on my engine guard. This is my second set as I also put a set on my older 09 FLHX. They work very slick and include a dimmer. you can dial them down for daytime riding, then turn them brighter as night encroaches. They also have a sensing wire for high beam and "go to eleven" then you kick on the high beam. I think they're awesome but can't compare to Denali or much else. I did have the Harley-Davidson rounded oval fog lights at one point, I even upgraded the bulb to H3 PIAAs - garbage in comparison.