Lower Great Lakes 1000 - 9/16/2017 - Holland, OH

Jerry Stevens

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My name is Jerry Stevens. Age 50, father of four (current empty-nester). This will be my 4th SaddleSore 1000 of the year (only one submitted for certification). I ride a 2004 Honda GL1800.

Every ride is more fun with a partner. If you are ready to go, I am ready to have you ride with me.

Here are the details of my planned ride:

Ride Rules: Safety First

Weather: Rain or Shine

Start Location: Speedway Gas Station, 6757 Airport Hwy, Holland, OH 43528
Start Time: 5:00 am (fill-up time)

Direction of Travel: Clockwise around the lakes

Estimated travel speed: 80-85 MPH (where it is safe to do so)

Planned fuel stops every 140-160 miles but am very flexible if more stops are needed.

I do have a Sena 20s if you prefer to have a ride partner that is connected (not necessarily my preference)

Important Notes:
-This ride goes to Canada (passport required)
-Don't forget your witness paperwork (I plan to use the cashier at Speedway as I do not know anyone in the area)
-I will be connected to Spotwalla (makes submission easier)

My contact information:
email: [email protected]
cell phone: 317-383-9767


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Best of luck Jerry...
Wish I were closer as I might be persuaded to hit the road with ya'... My passport expired and since I retired I never have renewed it...
Never have done any of the Great Lakes rides.

Be safe!


Jerry Stevens

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I did the Lake Michigan ride in late July. It was a great time. I am planning to do one lake ride in September, October, and November to complete them all this year. My wife thinks I am nuts, but she has been saying that for two decades+!!
Looking to do Lake Superior in October (will post the date as soon as I am certain)

Jerry Stevens

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My Lower Great Lakes 1000 is complete. I was able to also complete this ride as a Bun Burner 1500 as I began my ride from Fishers, IN. I brought back a few souvenirs from upstate New York.

Had some great weather and a fantastic ride.

Here is the Spotwalla record for the ride. https://spotwalla.com/publicTrips.php?un=jerry46038

Next up...... Lake Superior in mid October...... Will post the date/time when I have it.


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BTW, A passport is not absolutely required if traveling by auto or motorcycle. Other options are an Enhanced Driver's License, Nexus Card or using the "Two-Document" option - a driver's license and an original birth certificate. I have witnessed about 4 Riders use this option over the last several years. But a passport is required if traveling by air.


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Jerry :

Check the weather before you do the Lake Superior ride. Snow may be in the forecast in the middle of October, or at least you will need a heated vest. Even without snow, it can get pretty cold up there at that time. I did the Lake Superior SS1K last week and it was chilly the morning we left the Soo and the last few hours of the ride. Also, the deer may be in the rut ( active ) up there at that time, too.

When you do the ride, stop in to Hughie's Taco House in Grand Marais, MN. They have a great taco. But start with only 1 - they are big. Unfortunately Hughie's is closed on Sunday & Monday , so we had to settle for DQ down the street that Monday.