LTP & Fatman's Aussie Muster Ride

The Alarm went off again, usually we bound out of bed exited as we’re going for a ride but not this morning. Fatman’s ribs were very sore from his off at Port Douglas and could hardly get out of bed let alone put socks on or motorbike boots, I asked if he wanted to just go back to bed but he said he’d rather give it a go and pull out than pull out without trying. So we continued getting ready and left home again early on the Friday morning, the air was brisk as we headed off to obtain our official start docket just near home. Ok so we have our docket and full tank of juice and we said let’s do this. Off we travelled along with all the other cars, I often wonder why they are out so early or is that late but who knows what think when they see us all rugged up on the bike. From home it was a pleasant ride even though it was a bit fresh through the city with no sightings of animals and headed to Ravenswood near Bendigo for our corner docket. We’ve stopped here a few times now and the attendant asked if we were off to Adelaide today in which I responded no up to Parkes NSW, via Mildura, Wagga Wagga and Bathurst. He responded with ah you doing one of those thingy rides? I smiled and said yes we are.
As we approached the service station in Sea Lake a car was coming towards us as you would expect but what didn’t expect was it to be on our side of the road!! Thankfully she corrected her path where it should be, on the correct side of the road but it did make us wonder as it was nearly 8am was she on the phone, drugs or drunk you never know these days. Onward we travelled towards Mildura, the sun was starting to shine in between the clouds but as we went on the sky cleared up to sunny but cool day. When we pulled up at Mildura Fatman was looking a little uncomfortable, he commented that he didn’t think he was going to make it to the city let alone Mildura but he was feeling better now than earlier. Being that we had until 3.14am Saturday morning to complete our 1600kms we decided that we would take our time and have a few extra breaks seen as Fatman’s ribs were sore. In saying that our next stop was to pay our respects to John Ainsworth’s memorial 14kms west of Euston on our journey to Hay South. John, forum name JRA was FarRider # 216 to those who do not know was travelling home from the Border Run in 2011 where he unfortunately had an accident.

John Ainsworth memorial 14kms west of Euston

We had planned to have 30mins or so off the bike, as we were refuelling when 2 bikes pulled in and to our surprise it was Daisy and Reg from Tassie. We asked how their ride was going and Reg told us he wasn’t having such a good time as so far he’d dropped his bike 2 or 3 times since literally hitting the mainland. With that they wanted to continue on as it was cool for them, what you’re from Tassie you should be use to this. We said our goodbyes and we went and had a bowl of soup to warm us up before we continued onto Wagga Wagga. There was still a lot of water hanging around in the paddocks from the previous cold front that we had had a week or 2 prior. As we approached Wagga we commented that we felt like we were just here with a giggle. As we turned into the united service station but there were cars going in all directions so we just did a u turn and continued on to the next service station.

By now it was 4.30pm and the air had started to get cooler so we decided to layer up as we didn’t want to end up like our last ride and we were heading to Young, Bathurst and through Orange before our final destination of Parkes. We headed off in amongst the traffic towards Young taking our time as we knew that this section of road was notorious for roos but in saying that we saw none. We were still making good time so we stopped at Young to grab a bite to eat and warm up before we tackled Bathurst and Orange. We had recently spoken to a couple on our travels who were from Orange and told us that it had snowed the night before they left. Ok we don’t have far to go then we can settle down and warm up. So we geared up for the last 157km stint, off we went into the darkness, funnily enough there wasn’t much traffic on the roads probably because everyone was snuggled up at home all warm and cosy. We had discussed that we would take the bypass road at Orange, OMG if that isn’t the roughest road we’ve been on for a while. Fatman was dodging big deep pot holes all the way and by the end of the bypass we were over roundabout’s and pot holes. There was one pot hole that we didn’t miss and we thought it was lucky not to have damaged the rim. However the road out of Orange was quite different to what we’d been on and was only the 2nd time we’d travelled along it. It weaved up into and around the hills and was quite enjoyable even though it was still cool but it had to be done as we were nearly to the end of our ride. We rolled down the hill and into Parkes and arrived at the Service station where we sat and had a cuppa whilst waiting for the clock to tick over to 12.01am. Whilst sitting here a bike appeared then another and another, geez you’d think something was going on around here. Finally it was passed midnight and we could now obtain our finish docket which we did and then headed to the Motel to warm up and get some sleep.
We attended the gathering on the Saturday then on Sunday we decided that we’d head straight home after all we’ve been on the road a bit lately. Along the way home as we passed through Narrandera we noticed Nico fuelling up and gave him a toot and wave and continued on to our usual fuel stop where Philmor also appeared. We enjoyed a cuppa and a chat with Philmor then we travelled with him down to Wallan where we said our goodbyes.

Start Location Berwick Vic @ 3.14am 1st July 2016
Start ODO : 258,488 km
Finish Location Parkes NSW @ 12.01am on Saturday 02nd July 2016
Finish ODO : 260,107 km
Total ODO KMS : 1,619 km
Total Google Maps km : 1,621 km

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Fatman & myself to thank TJ, Skidoo and all others involved in the organizing of the first official Australian IBA Muster. It was a privilege to be included as part of history and an honor to be in a room with so many other IBA members at once.


Thanks for posting up Lynne and more so for the support and assistance you both gave at the Muster, a stirling job.


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Thanks Mick and Lyn. As discussed I'm really pleased to see that marker for John near Euston, last couple of times I've been through there it's been missing. Great bloke, much missed.


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Thanks Lynne for your report. It was indeed a great event.
A room full of such experienced riders was very special.

Thanks for your participation. And your toot and wave...always special...;)