Manav Gangwani | What Documentation is Required for an Iron Butt Ride?

Hello, my name is Manav Gangwani from Mumbai. I have the spirit of adventure as a motorcycle enthusiast. I like long-distance riding. How can I join the Iron Butt Association? What documentation is required for an Iron Butt ride?
I want to be part of this association. Thank you :)


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Hello Manav,

I'm not sure if the IBA India site is current at this point in time. But you might try contacting them at:

Here is the page for the SS1600K ride - LINK You need to do that ride or the BB2500K as your first ride. The more extreme rides are not good first rides for most people. Some find the 36 hour time limit of the BB2500K ride to be easier, as you can ride half or more, have a good night of sleep, then finish the rest within the 36 hour time limit.

The basics for documentation is a computer generated receipt, known as a Dated Business Receipt, (DBR), that contains required information of
location, date and time. You must photograph these receipts next to your odometer for submission. The odometer and receipt info needs to be clearly legible in the photos, so some practice helps a lot! While you must provide all of your fuel receipts this way, Start, Finish and Corner receipts can be for any purchase, not just fuel, as long as the DBRs have all the correct info on them.

It can be a very long process to get a ride verified from the USA. If you go that route, the Iron Butt Association website has all the info. Electronic submission is preferred currently. LINK

The IBA website has a lot of great info to read prior to doing your first certified ride attempt as well.

Good luck and continue to ask questions if you have them. We look forward to reading about your first ride and what you experienced.