Matt Wise - 45,000 miles - 45 Days

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Matt Wise has composed a detailed report on his record setting 45,000 mile - 45 day long-distance ride. It's a fascinating recap of the birth of the idea, the planning, and the accomplishment of the actual ride. Ride along with Matt as he crisscrosses the U.S., completing several certificate rides and near certificate rides in the process of completing this historic ride.

Matt is a member of the Defective Gene Pool Hall of Fame. The "Defective's" are just that - riders who have some sort of loose screw, or defective gene as we refer to it, that causes them to ride ridiculous miles, usually for nothing more than a piece of paper with Mike Kneebone's signature at the bottom. With this feat Matt may have put himself at the top of the Defective list. We're honored to have him in our ranks and equally honored that he chose our website to host his ride report.

To read the full report, go to and click the button on the Home Page labeled The Fastest 45 Days.
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After sitting here and reading your very fine report, all I can do is "I dip me lid" or as you might say, take my hat of to you. Congratulations on a spectacular achievement. A worthy certificate to cap off a stellar ride. Cheers.


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That was a ride with many ups and downs over the journey Matt, what an effort, even your ride report was epic and a great read. Thanks and congratulations on your accomplishment.

Thanks for posting Matt's story Cliff.

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I would love to learn more about his FLIR setup as well as his waterproofing on his Valentine Radar detector
Tim Masterson has this video on YouTube about his FLIR setup, see link below. I have done something similar using the Garmin Dezl and the 'reversing camera' port to plug the Thermal Camera into.

Flir 'Europe' would not sell me a unit because I'm not a company, also couldn't buy from the US as they are very strict as to where the units might end up. (Syria, Libya etc..) So I went with a unit from Xi'an MH Electronics, which also has the Pedestrian and Animal Detection. Happy to say it works great, longevity in time will tell, but so far very happy with it.



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I am unworthy. Hard to fathom all that would be necessary to successfully complete such a task, adventure, impossibility. :eek:

Iron Concentration man. Just insane!