My first SS1000 - Gardnerville Nevada to Motoport USA and back.

So this is how my route ended up, google maps won't let me put it all on a single map (too many destinations) so the first map is route down, 2nd map is route back. This is 'as traveled' not 'as planned'. My destination was Motoport USA, I ordered some gear from them and the fit wasn't what I wanted, rather than do several iterations of shipping and adjustments I decided to ride down and let them do the measuring and marking so things would come out perfect. I'll post on the gear later.
7-Eleven to Motoport USA

Motoport USA to 7-Eleven

Overall the trip went well. There only 'big' issue I had was my fault, when my stuff spilled out on the highway. This was totally my fault, I didn't have my laptop backpack secured very well and wind blast passing a semi shook it loose (I'm almost positive), right after a gas stop at Kremer Junction. I was not using the bag that was designed for the luggage, which has Velcro and clips to hold it in place, if I had then this would have been impossible. This was pure laziness on my part - I didn't feel like unpacking the backpack and repacking it into the bike bag.

this is what's left of my laptop after it bailed out on the freeway.

Other things:
  • I was very glad that I carry 1 gallon of extra gas on long trips. Twice during the trip I ran out at night because a gas station was closed. Some of the small town stations actually still close - they do not leave the pumps on for self service!
  • I need to add a funnel or hose to my travel kit, it was hard to pour from my can.
  • It was freaking hot - the temp was in triple digits for basically the entire daylight portion of the trip. Highest I noticed on the display was 119F.
  • I have a throttle lock device and it was amazing - I'm now planning for real cruise control some day, this may be my next big mod!
  • I need to add charging device(s) to my bike - phone ran out mid way on the return trip. I tucked it into the bag and let it charge till the next stop. Luckily this was a straight shot on relatively familiar roads.
  • Lane splitting is 'the best thing ever'. On the return trip I ran into several miles of traffic jams - sitting still in full gear, on the highway, when it is 119 out would have been terrible.
  • The only soreness I developed was in my right shoulder. I have some calcification in there that apparently is aggravated by long periods of riding.
A friend recommended several roads in the area that I originally planned on riding. After doubling back to collect my lost/destroyed stuff Ortega Highway was the only one I managed. Oretega highway was ok - it was HOT. The scenery isn't anything spectacular. I got stuck behind a long line of boats & RV's. I road east bound, and given that it was the friday before a long weekend it makes sense that most traffic was going the way I was (toward lake Elsinore). Road surface was decent enough. Lots of nice fast curves if you're not behind slow traffic. East bound lanes are against the 'cliff' so there looked to be more bumps and debris from falling rocks, west bound lane looked smoother & cleaner.

US 395
395 is pretty scenic but not exciting from Bridgeport south. Lots of wide open space type views with mountains. From Bridgeport north there are a few sections of nice curves. Road surfaces are good, most traffic is running 70+ despite the posted speed limits so you can cover ground quickly. At night several of the gas stations along the road are closed, during the daytime no problems with gas, but I wouldn't pass many of the open stations.

Your typical big city highways - nothing but what you'd expect. Lots of traffic, decent to poor quality roads. Most traffic moving 80+ except when it isn't moving at all. Lane splitting :cool: . I was a little disappointed that there weren't better views of the ocean from 5 - on the map it looks close. The steep drop in temperature confirms the ocean is near by, but I only got a few glimpses on the section I traveled.

A few pics I snapped along the way



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Congrats! Looks like it was an awesome trip, except for the laptop incident. I hope you had backups of everything you needed.

Oh and you can get more than 10 destinations into Google Maps, but 25 seems to be a hard limit. No matter what I do, I can't get 26 to work. That might just be my age showing though.


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I often use, their platform is Google Maps, they claim unlimited destinations, I've not hit the limit yet so it could be true.


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Hard to believe there are such temperatures in September, right?

I start my rides in the early AM hours too to get miles done before it gets hot. Can't or don't want to do 100+ degree temps for extended periods. I found from my cycling days that my body cramps up when the muscles get hot. I only ride open freeway though in those dark hours, where the semis actually offer protection from sprinting wildlife. The section you rode south of Gardnerville would be off limits for me personally. With little brooks, mild streams, and giant cottonwoods to hide their little deer bodies, it would seem to be like deer alley at night.

You must have been motivated to continue in that heat. I would have turned back and postponed or planned another route north.

Tragic about your laptop. Hope you were able to salvage the data off the drive at least. Then again. Yikes!

Thanks, I'm still waiting on my official certification, so hopefully that comes soon.

I did start my ride at night to avoid as much heat as possible - after a solid nap. I found that worked well as I was 'fresh' for the part of the ride when I'm normally asleep, rather than riding that part at the end when I'm tired.

I might have been tempted to bail out on the ride if I hadn't already been 60% done when the high temperatures really kicked in - a little water on my under clothes and evaporation kept me comfortable enough as long as I was able to keep moving (CA and legal lane splitting FTW).

I hear you on the deer issue - I'm originally from Michigan where it seems impossible not to hit deer in rural areas, but the deer here in Northern Nevada seem different. They don't spook and sprint into traffic, I've actually seen deer calmly eating along the median or shoulder while traffic wizzes by at 60 MPH.

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Hey Psycoreefer. Thanks for posting, and Congrats on your first!!
Rural Nevada has taught me to always carry extra fuel. I use the SW-MOTECH Auxiliary Fluid Bottle(s). $20 at RevZilla and it comes with a very good spout so no need for a funnel.
I don't know why, but some things just have to be learned the hard way. And too often more than once.
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