My first SS1600KM ride.


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The experience itself was good, the start of the ride a bit less.
Had lots of rain in the morning not quite according to the predictions. after the morning and changing (bring spare clothes) the sun came through.:cool: It just took a lot of time to get through the showers. finally finished the ride at 23 hours.:oops: This one will certainly be repeated then maybe towards Berlin or Denmark. Many lessons learned:
I have formed the route via petrol pumps, which I liked. My camera is not completely waterproof. :eek: Investing in good rainwear is a must! I do get nervous when the engine jumps on reserve. But I brought a 1.5 l in a jerry can. ;)Bring your own food in a cooler bag. Maybe I want to be too well prepared.
Certification was requested this morning.:)