Naughty or Nice?


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Nico, that's not nice. But it's also thrown my meet them at the finish plans out the window. Elwyn said to miss Xmas lunch with Mr & Mrs Jones at the Bairnsdale RSL would be reason for a divorce. You know I hate the sound of that word, so I'll have to give it a miss. Doesn't mean that you can't be there to great them home. Just saying.


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Just an update on Michael & Lynne's Hell to Heaven ride. I spoke to Michael at 07.15pm [Vic time], they were at Renmark in the air-conditioned roadhouse having a bite to eat. He had fitted a set of Tourance tyres to the BM. On the way up to Marree he had a play with different pressures whilst on the dirt.
After leaving Lake Eyre South viewing area on the dirt down to Marree he had a lot more confidence in the bikes handling with the reduced pressures. As such he was able to ride at a faster rate than on the way up to L.E.S. viewing area.
Both are well and the bike is all OK. They were met by Daisey and Reg between Orroroo and Peterborough. After a brief talk at Morgan, Daisey and Reg let them get on with their ride.
The temperature has been up, but not as hot as it would have been if they had started the ride later this week as originally planned. All's looking good for the finish at Charlotte's Pass as planned.
If anyone feels like meeting them, I'm sure they would appreciate the company. Their expecting to finish at Charlotte's Pass about 9 am. [EDST] tomorrow.


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Derrick, your excuse is about as feeble as mine. I bet your not game to leave the pool and lawns to your better half either. :eek::eek::eek:
No. I even have teenager's who are (theoretically) capable of such chores. But we're hosting tomorrow and I just couldn't chance not being here.

So, with that out of the way I leave you this, purloined from the interwebs :):):):)

NB. I haven't changed a word!

Merry Christmas all - and a safe finish Michael and Lynne!!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the pad,
There was nada happenin', now thats pretty bad.
The woodstove was hung up in that stocking routine,
In hopes that the Fat Boy would soon make the scene.

With our stomachs packed with tacos and beer,
My girl and I crashed on the couch for some cheer.
When out in the yard there arose such a racket,
I ran for the door and pulled on my jacket.

I saw a large bro' on a '56 Pan
Wearin' black leathers, a cap, and boots (cool biker, man).
He hauled up the bars on that bikeful of sacks,
And that Pan hit the roof like it was running on tracks.

I couldn't help gawking, the old guy had class.
But I had to go in -- I was freezing my ass.
Down through the stovepipe he fell with a crash,
And out of the stove he came dragging his stash.

With a smile and some glee he passed out the loot,
A new jacket for her and some parts for my scoot.
He patted her fanny and shook my right hand,
Spun on his heel and up the stovepipe he ran.

From up on the roof came a great deal of thunder,
As that massive V-twin ripped the silence asunder.
With beard in the wind, he roared off in the night,
Shouting, "Have a cool Yule, and to all a good ride!"


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Have been checking on their Spot since early, and they've made good steady progress, with a couple of power nap stops.
Fueled up at Jindabyne and they have a bit over an hour to get to Charlotte Pass.
Should do it with some 20-30 minutes to spare...
Excellent work guys!