Need Garmin InReach to Spotwalla help.

David Yanke

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Any of you that have the Garmin InReach can help?

I have a new Garmin InReach Mini to replace my SPOT.
My Garmin account shows my tracking points but my Spotwalla account does not. I checked the KML raw feed, device ID, and message interface. All appear in order, no spacing or mistype issues. Garmin site I tried with and without a password. Any ideas?


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I am happy to help you. I have spent some time working on that interface with mine. I looked at your KML feed, and it looks good. Also the fact that Spotwalla shows that 16 points were found is good as well.

What exact problem are you having?

If you want to message me, we can setup a meeting where you can share your screen and we can walk through some things.