Need Your Forum Status Changed?

Discussion in 'Iron Butt Association Q&A' started by Ira, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Alan Doak

    Alan Doak Premier Member

    Hi Ira

    Me too please #62701

  2. Scott Parish

    Scott Parish Premier Member

    Hello Ira,

    Just purchased Premier Membership. Please change status.

  3. Richard Maniscalco

    Richard Maniscalco Premier Member

    Hi Ira,

    I just purchased the Premier Membership. Please update my status.

    Rich (IBA #64772)
  4. ericedelman

    ericedelman Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Please add Premier and IBR Finisher. Thanks!
  5. Andy Andresen

    Andy Andresen Premier Member

    I am a Premier Member
    Andy Andresen
  6. TdLpps

    TdLpps Premier Member

    Please change my status to Premier.
  7. MarkG

    MarkG Premier Member

    I just purchased the Premier Membership. USPS says my BBG application was delivered this morning. Will you notify the reviewers of my upgraded status, too, it would be appreciated. I'll do my paperwork online for the next ride. Thanks.
    Mark Griffin, 65686
  8. DrNeo

    DrNeo Premier Member

    Hi Ira,

    Mike just let me know that everything for my Premier status has been sorted out. Can you please update my status to Premier? Thanks!

    IBA# 37558
  9. GClark

    GClark Premier Member

    Hi Ira, Please update my status to Premier too.
    Gary Clark
    Dublin, OH
    IBA# 63272
  10. CRASH

    CRASH Premier Member

    Can you hook me up? Premier please.
  11. SteveC

    SteveC Premier Member

    Merry Christmas Ira,
    I have just become a premier member and need my status updated.
    Thank you
  12. Greg Fizer

    Greg Fizer Premier Member

    Hello Ira,
    I too am making a request for a change to Premier status. Thank you.
  13. John Huval

    John Huval Premier Member


    Please update my status to include "Premier Member"

    Thank you,
  14. Matt Hube

    Matt Hube Premier Member

    Hi Ira,

    Please change my status to Premier. Thank you.

  15. BillC

    BillC Premier Member

    Hi Ira, please change my status to Premier. Thanks, Bill
  16. lylemonroe

    lylemonroe Premier Member IBR Finisher

    Hi Ira,

    Premier member and IBR finisher.


  17. gottesfuerchtig

    gottesfuerchtig Premier Member

    Ira my friend, I did just upgrade to Premier membership, and as a matter of pride would like my forum status changed. Glad I can help support such a great organization. Is there yet a way to "subscribe" to my premier standing so it can automatically renew yearly?
  18. gottesfuerchtig

    gottesfuerchtig Premier Member

    Please change my status to Premier Member. I really like the new site.
  19. Ira

    Ira Staff Member Premier Member IBR Staff IBR Finisher

    I'm afraid there is no way yet to automatically renew.

    Ira Agins
    Iron Butt Asssociation
  20. Fun Bobby

    Fun Bobby Premier Member

    Thanks for the direction to this thread Ira. Please change my status to Premier.


    IBA 15661

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