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Not sure why my profile is showing "new member" and only shows one post and my avatar is gone. I've been a member on this forum for years and am a Premier member. What has changed, and how do we get this fixed? Thank you! Barb Smith IBA #25480
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Good Day Ira,

Can you update Malaysian participants who have sent a report to get IBA approval.
Or with whom I can deal IBA
Once the rides are approved and if they are members of the Forum, I can change their Forum status to "IBA Member".

Ira Agins
Iron Butt Association
If you are a Premier member or need your Forum status changed in some other manner (e.g., IBR Finisher), just let me know by posting here and indicate in what way you need it changed.

Please change mine to:
“SS1000 Certified IBA Member”
Member #77380