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Hey just wanted to quick throw an introduction out there. I've been a long time lurker and I'm thinking this spring/summer shall be when I finally pull the trigger on an IBA ride. Planning on the Lake Michigan 1000. So any tips for those who have done that particular ride would be more than welcome as I've read pretty much every other thread on here about prep and whatnot.

Can't wait to get that certificate!

PS: Here's a link to my "planned" route. Would appreciate any comments or point out to areas where a stop should be added to prove that I was there.

Here is the route that I took for the Lake Michigan 1000. The yellow boxed numbers are my fuel stops. I started and ended in Troy and did the ride on a Saturday because I wanted to go through downtown Chicago.
No need to go crazy with gas receipts because they are only meant to prove that you did not take a short-cut.

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Anthony : I would stay away from Ann Arbor and instead go north up through Lansing and the center of Michigan ( US-127 ) up to I-75. Make up the miles by going all the way to Iron Mountain in the U.P. and also swing west of Chicago. Less traffic & hassle that way.

Or you could do the Ride on Saturday June 25th. I know there is a group that will departing the Madison area that morning and going CW around the lake. Send me a PM if that interests you and I'll give you more info. and the contact .