New to it all

Hi all, I have been looking at doing some longer distance rides in the future. I have signed up for the RBLR later in the year, but plan on doing another before this sometime.
Are all welcome to the Ride to eat days or is it members only? I'm based up in Carlisle where I am an Observer for our local IAM group, also Club Kawasaki ambassador for my local dealer.
Looking forward to getting out and doing some more miles and putting myself to the test.


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Welcome to insanity.....

Just put your name up for any of the rides to eat, all are welcome. Even if you don't put your name up, just turn up. (Showing out helps with catering etc if we're eating).

Good place to meet people and have a natter.

Look forward to seeing you at RTE soon.
Looks like I better get a bike ready then!!! One has all the fairings off for a deep clean, one needs the new tyres fitting, one does not go out in this weather and the other is in boxes.