Newbie here !! SS1000 question


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Hi IBA bros.
I’m Gigi Frenchy from New York I’m riding a 2006 FJR1300 , new in this forum
And I have a question please

I completed a SS1000 yesterday from Fort Lauderdale FL to Fredericksburg VA

And I forgot to fill up the last tank to show that I was on time
And also is missing me one gas receipt , pump was out of paper and clerk was not in the booth
Did not registered my trip on google map , just used it without log in to my google account
Beside this I have all the receipts and all the witnesses at the start and at the end

The only proof I have at the arrival is a picture of my odo with the time and little more than 1000 miles shown
Picture of the witness with me of course and a picture of my bike in front of the place

Can I have this ride certified ? I really hope YES !! Hahahahaha

Thanks for your time and patience and for the future answers




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You cannot go by your odometer. Odometers are notoriously inaccurate.

Without an ending receipt showing exactly where and when you stopped, it might be difficult to get it certified.

According to Google Maps, Fort Lauderdale, FL to Fredericksburg, VA is only 983 miles. If, by going a longer way and proving it with receipts, you managed to add at least 17 miles to your route, you might have a chance of having it certified.

A good part of being successful at certified rides is doing the paperwork accurately. Now that you know you can actually do the miles, work on perfecting your paperwork technique and go do it again! :D


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I'm gonna go with Stephen! on this might not be enough evidence to prove you were where you said you were - and that's the whole point about the receipts, photos and other requirements made of riders that successfully accomplish a IBA ride.

Since you don't have any secondary tracking (e.g. SPOT, Spotwalla, InReach...) of your ride, what evidence do you have that unequivocally proves you did it?

Did you take a photo of your odo at the beginning? How about the other stops?

Good luck to ya!


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Thanks guys
Well i have pics of my starting point with my witness
Have all the odometer pictures with the receipt and the correct time
Plus the bank statement that shows the time that I stood in the hotel

Anyway I’ll doing again very very soon maybe

Thanks guys


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...but the question still remains... Did you do 1000+ actual miles or 1000+ odometer miles. :D

Even with all the documentation in the world, if the mileage between your documented points doesn't equal or exceed 1000 miles, it will not be certified.