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RBLR1000 Latest news

With just 6 weeks to go until the start of the RBLR1000 we are now approaching 100 entries. Entries are down because we started late in the day to start organising/advertising the event. Please help to spread the word to get as many entries as we can.

If you are on twitter please include @rblr1000 and in your tweets. Retweet and Like anything you see about the event. Try to get tweeters with loads of followers to retweet your tweets about the ride.

If you are on facebook share like and comment on the posts from

If you can distribute flyers at your local bike night or bike shop contact Nic ([email protected]) who will send you some. For 2017 we will start the entry process earlier probably 1st July to give us more time to get enough entries to beat the record for the most Saddlesore 1000 ridden in the same 24 hours.

All riders who finish a ride will get a certificate at the finish after a short verification process. Riders who complete the RBLR1000; 1000 miles in 24 hours will also receive a ride patch and sticker FOC. RBLR1000 also become lifelong members of the Iron Butt Association.

During the night at the finish there will again be teas and coffees as well a bacon butties for a small charge. These will be sold at cost but any profit will go to the poppy appeal.

Final programme

Friday 10th June
Arrive before 730pm and check in. You will be asked to supply a disclaimer and supply an emergency contacts details. If for any reason you cannot make 0730 then let me know what time you will arrive and we can make other arrangements.
8pm Riders briefing and meet the organisers.

Saturday 11th June
Chose your time to leave between 5 and 7am. Make sure your receipt log is signed by one of the staff.
Ride your plan. Remember your are going out to ride 1000 miles NOT to have lunch, take pictures or go sight seeing. Keep focused; every minute that you stop wastes time and is added onto your finish time. Get your log signed at the finish, sort out your paperwork and hand it to the verifiers. As long as you have provided all the information needed you will be presented with your ride certificate.You can then use the certificate to purchase members only items from the IBA shop.

Sunday 12th June
Get together for presentations swopping stories and comparing notes.

One last piece of advice: download and read again the "Detailed Instructions". It has all the information you need but if there is anything else just email me.

See you in 6 weeks at Squires Café

Philip Weston