NIITWIt Rallies: Apr 2 & Oct 21-22, 2016

Paul Tong

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We are proud to announce some great events in store
for 2016 from your favorite numbskulls with the
NIITWIt Rally.

The NIITWIt (Not In It To Win It) Rally is for the
kind of rider who is more interested in riding some
great roads and seeing some cool stuff than in
bringing home a trophy. The basic premise is to LOSE
points in an attempt to NOT win and instead finish
with as few points as possible. Several bonuses are
for things which historically lose you points in
normal rallies such as taking a long sitdown lunch,
getting gas numerous times, and traveling less miles.

In store for 2016 are the following events:

Diet NIITWIt: an 8 hour photo bonus scavenger hunt
rally on April 2, 2016. Starting at 8:00 AM in
Irving, TX and finishing at 4:00 PM in Celina, TX (all
Central times), the rally will finish at Lucy's on the
Square in Celina at the same time as the 2nd Annual
Celina RTE. We will be doing all bonus submissions by
e-mailing in your photos so the scoring process and
time will be minimal. There will be a no-host
breakfast prior to start and a no-host dinner at the
end. The quick day of fun will not be encumbered with
t-shirts, stickers, swag, or other obtrusive items
that sometimes cause rally fees to be high. No, we
just want you to ride and have fun. Rally fees are
$25 for solo riders and $20 for 2-up (yes, you read
that correctly). The registration link can be found
on Ridemaster (


NIITWIt 2016: For our big-daddy event, we are bumping
up the fun with a combined 12 hour and 36 hour rally.
The 12 hour will be an anywhere start at 6:00 AM on
Saturday Oct. 22, 2016 (Central time). The 36 hour
rally will start in Natchez, MS at 6:00 AM (Central)
on Friday Oct. 21, 2016. Both will end at 6:00 PM
(Central) at Mount Magazine State Park near Paris, AR.
The rally finish will be at the Lodge at Magazine
Mountain, a beautiful location, where we have reserved
the entire hotel for the event and will have great
food and fun at the ending banquet. Bonus e-mail
submissions will not be required but will there will
be incentives for doing so. 12 hour costs are $100
solo/$150 2-up and 36 hour costs are $150 solo/$200 2-
up. Registration is open on Ridemaster


Join us at 5:00 PM on Saturday April 2, 2016 at Lucy's
on the Square in Celina, TX for the 2nd Annual Celina
RTE. Please register on Ridemaster to let us know
you're coming. There is no cost, we just want to make
sure we have a good head count for the restaurant.
It's a no-host dinner and you can come watch all the
crazies coming in after finishing the Diet NIITWIt

See you there!

Paul Tong
Rallymaster, NIITWIt Rally
[email protected]

Paul Tong

Heart of Texas Rally; LDX Rally
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Still have about 5,000 spots left in the rally.....ok, seriously bunches of room left. An easy bit of Saturday fun, easy on the pocket book and in your own bed the night prior and after. Come have fun with us.

Paul Tong

Heart of Texas Rally; LDX Rally
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Just in case y'all were wonderin': FINAL RESULTS 2016 Diet NIITWIt Rally

Just ask someone who rode. They had a blast. Y'all should come join us in October.


Paul Tong

Heart of Texas Rally; LDX Rally
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You forgot to mention that I took 1st place in the Ride to Eat category. ;)
How could I forget!!!

Many thanks to Cliff for riding up and supporting our RTE as the ONLY rider to attend the RTE that wasn't already in the rally. Yes, yes, yes. I gotta work on my advertising. It's a mental condition. I'm taking medicine for it. Thanks again, Cliff. We'll never be DGP, but we have more parking!!!!

Paul Tong

Heart of Texas Rally; LDX Rally
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Still accepting applications for the October 21-22 12 hour or 36 hour rallies. Application qualifications are simple:

1. Do you own a motorcycle that works?
2. Do you have a pulse?

If your answer to both questions is yes, then you're in. And of course, exceptions can be made, but if it's for #2, I'm a little worried...