Non working odometer and get certified

I am hosting an SS1000 memorial ride on June 26. I have a possible participant that does want to attend, complete the ride and get it certified, but does not have a working odometer. I do not want to tell him he can attend and get certified and then be rejected. My question is how would he complete the ride, document it and get it certified without a working odometer? He is not an IBA member at this time.


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Well, if he has a GPS he can zero the odo function at the start and use that. Or use a phone app with an odo feature. Or mount a bicycle odo. Or mount something like a SPOT satellite tracker. Or as a last resort use mileage estimates from a mapping program for his stops.

Odometers are notoriously error-prone. We do not use them in calaculating the official ride mileage, but only as another documentation point. If all other documentation supports the ride, there should be no problem, but he should include a note regarding his odo situation.

Ira Agins
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