NSW road rule changes Sept 26.

Grey Gentry

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Backwards step. You try to work on the roadside at a crash etc, with traffic flying past. Not at all good, but at least the SA public learnt quickly and are really good. I feel for my interstate colleges.
I can understand your viewpoint.
Vic introduced 40km/h.
Is SA still 25 km/h?


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They haven't "dropped" it. it has been made far more workable and sensible: i.e. on roads more than 90km/hr the onus is on traffic to slow appropriately and provide space. Additionally on roads with limits less than 90 the requirement to drop to 40km/hr is still there and has in-fact been expanded to include NON emergency vehicles such as towtrucks and breakdown assistance vehicles.

An unusually bright piece of common sense in my book that could be tweaked further, the idea that vehicles could slow to 40 in a 110 zone was just stupid and we are lucky that it didn't cause more accidents (I read of at least one - in victoria not long after they started their rule). I experienced the situation myself where I came over a blind crest at the speed limit only to see a cop with a customer on the other side of the road. I rolled off but there was no way I would have been able to safely drop to 40, much less if someone had been behind me. Even from 80 washing off half your speed in a short distance with someone up your clacker will be down right suicidal.
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Try working under flashing amber lights.
They mean nothing to Joe Blow and hold no currency.
Road works or just working on the nature stips or even the footpatchs.

I actually like the 40k limit on blue and reds.
It holds the drivers attention longer and further into their trip after a little close encounter with plod.
In the time since this became law up here I have only made the one negative observation about flow outcomes on a main road .
That can be put down to just stupid over zealous use of the lights.

And if any of you have lived in Armidale then you would know it holds the countrys truely most stupid drivers bar none.

Im with Hagar on this. Its no big deal just to slow down for these people in their work space.

Grey Gentry

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Keeping people safe, is up to us, not the rules.
I found a Vic police car pulled over just around a corner. There was no distance to safely slow to the 40 km/h required. I suggest he realized this and had his flashing lights off. Seems we have at least one sensible policeman out there.