NZ based ANZAC Ride, 2018 - Thank you.


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Should I post my plan? or should I ride this plan on the day then put it before the management of IBA Australia?
Im thinking the latter because all good eggs on toast starts with the smell of breakfast cooking while your still in bed.
Ive really nothing to loose and plenty of history to gain.

Chris Wiltshire

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Hi guys. Thanks for the comments. Sorry I was tied up over the weekend being a celebrant and marrying people. :) -

There has been some correspondence from TJ and Skidoo which I thought they would share with others, some changes to the rules are coming.

This appears to have been shared with me privately and I didn’t think it my place to be making announcements on their behalf, that’s why I’ve been silent here for a few days too - Thanks OX for your suggestions, sorry for the time spent (not wasted, they were helpful suggestions).

As a result of the coming changes, I have managed to plan a route which appears suitable - I’m now preparing for the ride. :)

Thanks everyone for the help. I’m looking forward to this. I need some new tyres. :)


Chris Wiltshire

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It's planned and it's on... Here are my links... - is the planned route. - The timetable. - My Spot Track.

24-Apr-2018 1800~1830 UTC. // 25-Apr-2018 0600~0630 dept (NZST [UTC+1200])

If you want to give me a bell on the way round... +6421624717

(Warkworth - Dawn Ceremony)

Hamilton ZOO

PS; just got awarded a SS1600K within the NZ TT2000 event. Ride report for that is here:
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Chris Wiltshire

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Subject to ride verification, I believe I have successfully completed the first NZ ANZAC Ride SaddleSore. Thanks to everyone here who helped to make this possible. I'll have a ride report out for you within the next week.

All the best from your sore brother across the ditch. - Chris.

Early photos and quick video edit are here...:

Chris Wiltshire

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Congratulations Chris ! The blue skies look as if the weather treated you well .
We had a massive high over NZ which meant the days were wonderful but the night riding was SO super cold. I was riding through 1degree C at parts of the Desert Road. I had to detour home during the first part to get warmer clothing as I knew from the early morning portion that the night would cripple me if I didn't. Thankfully my plan allowed enough flexibility. :) I was SO COLD!


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Congratulations on successfully completing the ride Chris.

When the temp gets down to the single or negative digits, I find its gives us an opportunity to build resilience to the cold :eek:

Well done mate!