Oil Changes on Longer Rides


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I send my oil to Blackstone, I'm at 8000-10,000 mile intervals on my 2014 Tenere. Castrol 10w40 sytech. I'm heading to Alaska in July, I'll change before and after the trip.
I concur that the type of riding that most IBA riders do is far easier on the oil (and therefore can safely result in longer change intervals) vs many hobbyist motorcyclists who may start their bike and then go 15 or 20 minutes to the nearest coffee shop and sit in the parking lot to pose all day long.

There are of course people who insist that they change their oil every 3000 miles regardless of what the manual (or common sense) says simply because they believe they're doing "the right thing", but there's no talking sense to those sorts based on my experience. Let them waste their money.


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Ya, and too many dealers and quick change oil shops promote 3K miles between changes. But now that just about all newer cars show the % oil life remaining, that may be a thing of the past. Besides a waste of money, reducing the amount of waste oil is an issue, too. My car can usually go 6K miles until it's down to 5-10% and it has a turbo which isn't easy on the oil, I would think.
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