OX-34 - Lap of Australia on Highway 1

John negus

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All done.. the Ox is home. He was like a camel in the desert who could smell water..charging for home. I lost him a few times and found him again..lost him for the last time near his home..went aroind the roundabout and disappeared. Made it with a few hours to spare..our Ox is certainly a big dog in our pack. Dont know if i was actually much help but it was fun..good effort from all involved..cheers and yippee..j


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Incredible effort. As much fun to participate in from behind a keyboard as an Iron Butt Rally.
I had been watching the Spot for the past week and calculating potential arrival times in Melbourne, and i was all set to head down to the Westgate Freeway where I anticipated he'd be stopping at the servo for a receipt, but I got a call from work, and I couldn't say no. Didn't finish till midnight Thursday and after a quick nap I was back at work 7am Friday. (and yes I did think about going down anyway, but while OX-34 can survive on 4 hrs or less sleep per night... I struggle ). Well done Peter. A really superlative effort.


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Kingston and the big lobster (if it's still there!) so will he stay on B1 or go the B101???
Larry the lobster is still there Bazz. His feelers have been taken down and the rebuild is under way to get the body in order. Over the last 5 or 6 years Larry has been the centre of much Kingston discussion and even at state level.
Larry the lobster is in fact one of the very first "Big things"to attract tourists. Larry the lobster has even be re-birthed in SpongBobs...apparently.

And on and on.
My boss started watching this SPOT since Thursday. We have been at different ends of the planet and I have to say Phil is plenty good hooked.
Ox mate this ride has reached out to more than the usual suspects. My workshop punches out some big work and all ten of us have been following your progress.
One or two spent the week learning that other places exist.
Opening minds.


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Congratulations Peter. This ride has reached few fringe riders mate. Its come at a fantastic time in IBAAustralia with so many big hitters out for a ride.
A most splendid adventure.


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Peter. Legendary effort a what a ride to conquer. Ive so enjoyed your progress along the way.
I was mighty worried to hear problems with the aux tank and my mind has worked overtime with what ifs to ensure mine has no probs.
Im sure we will all see a great ride report after you have partaken in a well earned rest stop.
Again gr8 work lovin it. Cheers to Ox!!!! Hip hip horah!


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Congratulations Peter on a wonderful ride. It was great watching it transpire and track your progress.
Just an awesome ride!