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    Date: 7th April 2018

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Pictures from Renmark SA 2017


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I have found as many of the pics in can find from the Muster 2017. They are located here https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-LNGns9/

If you have more send them to me and i will get them in the gallery.

If you have not seen this gallery before this is where all the pictures are from all IBAust events are if you have some you want added please send them to me or the link to where they are



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That is a very very good collection Jhon and I feel ashamed to have been so slack.
Got to take my hat off to Spanner . Doing the yards and really has captured the spirit... the try that is a ride that goes a long way.
This is fantastic.
Thank you guys
Thank you John.