Piston Diversity over longer period


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Not the largest selection...

Also, I learned that if you search "BMW" on the Australian Craigslist, it comes up with things that are neither cars nor motorcycles... ;)
Stay out of the personal ads! You may not like what you find there. :D

I found a K75 908 miles away for $2700 USD. I'm almost tempted to buy it, fly and ride it home doing a SS1K, then sell it the moment it cools off and I can clean it up again. Almost. In a better economy I could even ask more for it. All three boxes, aux lights, crash bars and even a radar mount already on it.

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I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but there is a website called TwistedRoad that lets you rent other people's motorcycles. It's more expensive than a rental car, but much cheaper than buying two extra motorcycles in a year. Selection is kinda limited, but if there is a major city near you, I bet you can find a triple and a 6 cylinder. Goldwings are pretty popular. I bet you can find an MT09 or one of Triumph's many triples there too.

No, I'm not affiliated with TwistedRoad in any way. It just happens to be a website I've considered using before. I bet there are others too.
Had a look at this set up, unfortunately there was only a gsxr750 showing for canada...


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Had a look at this set up, unfortunately there was only a gsxr750 showing for canada...
Really? I thought the Toronto area would be full of bikes, like Houston. Hmm, sometimes you can find good deals on Craigslist, or whatever Canada's version of that is. Might be able to buy the bike you need, then resell it for what you paid for it when you are done. Yea, it ties up a bit of money, but it could be an option if you've got the finances.

Or better yet, maybe one of our members here would be willing to help you out. I'd loan you my triple for a ride, but I'm nowhere near your area. And mine is a naked, so not ideal for long rides.


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I appreciate the info.
Likely I'll just buy and resell a triple and a 6 pot

Been hoping to get one of each as a trade in at the shop so I could just slap the dealer plate on and go ride.

In ontario the go to seems to be kijiji or fb marketplace. Not usually much on craigs list.

If I could id love to have a kawi triple and kz1300 so I could have an all kawi piston diversity cert. But I believe the only kawi riples were 2 stroke. And they're few and far between here.