Power to the People .... SS1600

We were originally going to do Australian IBA Ride - Hell to Heaven (lowest point, Lake Eyre to the highest accessible point (with a bike) Charlotte's Pass) and then complete Power to the People however we got a puncture before we even got to our start point so we pulled the pin and leaving it to try again another day.

After getting our puncture during Hell to Heaven - 20kms Nth of Lyndhurst SA -47degrees!!!

We rejigged our route when we returned home to do Power to the People from home, Melbourne.

This is the report for Power to the People.

For this ride you need to prove that you have been to the 5 power stations and 6 towns of the Snowy Mountain Scheme, and because it is an Iron Butt ride we must ride a minimum of 1600km in 24 hours combining the above.

At the 5 power Stations: As there are no computer-generated receipts available we needed to prove that we had been there at that location and time so a picture of the bike together with the power station and we also took a picture of the GPS confirming the grid reference and time. We also had our Spot satellite tracker logging the route but in heavily tree areas this can sometimes miss a log here and there.

At the 6 must do towns: a computer-generated receipt is required as proof of being there. Talbingo (near Tumut 3), Cabramurra (near Tumut 1 + 2) & Khancoban (near Murray 1 + 2) Jindabyne, Cooma & Adaminaby.

All the Iron Butt rides are hard and challenging in different ways, this one is no exception as there is some 400 km of tight mountain roads which slow our average speed down. We were now starting from Home in Berwick, we obtained our start receipt indicating 2.47am and headed off down the Monash Fwy which was quite painful as they had lanes shut due to resurfacing and the speed limit was down to 80kms and 40kms in some places, not a good start we thought. Anyway, we focused on our plan ahead and stayed positive. From Berwick we rode to Glenrowan VIC (280kms) for a quick refuel then continued the Hume Freeway near Wodonga where we exited and travelled Murray Valley Hwy via Tallangatta Vic and Corryong Vic, here we saw Hackle who was at the bakery for breaky with his mates as he had stayed there overnight. A quick stop and hello then we proceeded to Khancoben NSW (232kms) where we needed proof that we had been there, a receipt was obtained.

Khancoben Servo

Whilst having a break all we could here was an annoying buzzing sound and upon looking around above us was a drone, gone is the peacefulness. We geared up then headed off to Murray 2 Look out (5kms) then onto Murray 1 lookout (8kms) and obtained the relevant requirements to prove we had been.

Murray 1 on the Alpine Way

We travelled onto Tumut 1 Lookout (73kms) then Cabramurra NSW where a fellow friend appeared….. Skidooo who decided to ride the Power to the People ride again.
We said our hellos and then he went his way and we continued with our ride down to Tumut 2 Look out (12kms).

Tumut 2 Skidoo arriving

As we were taking our picture here Skidoo arrived again, we had a giggle then said our goodbyes and told him we would wave when we see him again as we should pass each other going in opposite directions probably down Middingbank Road near Berridale NSW. From here we travelled back up the very tight hilly road known as Elliot Way and then down to the old town of Kiandra to Talbingo NSW (78kms) where we decided to have an icecream in the 30c temp, Tumut 3 power station is only 4kms from here for our next picture.

Tumut 3 Fatman doing paperwork

From here we back tracked over the Snowy Mountain Hwy to Adaminaby NSW (97kms) then down Middingbank Road expecting to cross paths with Skidooo again as we headed to Jindabyne NSW (86kms) and there he was we waved to each other again for the last time. We had to back track again and were heading to Cooma NSW (62kms). By the time we reached Cooma we had already clocked up 938km from the start of this ride and we now have about 700kms to the finish going via Canberra ACT. Ah memories of our insanity ride on 10th June 2017, funny how we knew all the intersections that we travelled this time as they are imbedded in our memory after travelling around Canberra 20 times! Anyway, we continued Canberra then onto the Barton Hwy to Yass NSW (189kms) for fuel before getting back on the Hume Highway and going to Holbrook NSW (213kms) where we stopped for an extended break.

Holbrook turn around receipt & break

Ok bike & us are refueled and rested let’s get this ride finished. It was still mild at Holbrook and decided that if we had to we would stop and put extra clothing on. Well we didn’t get that far up the Hume Highway, as we are now heading to Goulburn NSW (294kms) for our finish receipt that we had to pull over and put an extra layer on. It was an absolutely glorious night for riding, it looked like a big super full moon and the skies were red. We finally pulled into Goulburn NSW where we refueled and obtained our finish receipt, WOOHOO!

Finish receipt @ Goulburn near the BIG merino - GPS shows details with only 2.1kms to Sleep time at the Motel

We were both happy that we had accomplished the ride as were we disappointed that we hadn’t gotten to the start line for Hell to Heaven. During this ride the lowest we saw the temp was 17 degrees and as high as 38 degrees a very challenging ride not only the roads but the temperatures.

In total we travelled 1,643kms

This was the route we travelled
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Excellent ride and read guys! It was great to catch up even though for only a few minutes. It really added to the excitement crossing paths during the ride. The Hell To Heaven can wait until next time, it was just bad luck that you experienced.


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Well done folks. Thats not an easy ride and you two cleaned it up. It would appear that the H2H needs all the stars to be aligned in favour of those who attempt it, all the best for your next crack at it.


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Excellent ride Mick & Lynne - congrats all 'round!
You're right in saying that mountain sections and twisties add a big element to the completion of an IBA ride.
Very well planned and executed.
I love seeing a ride invented by Aussie riders being done again by others!

As for the H to H, the more I think about you being stuck out there in 47deg heat, the more I'm glad it wasn't a whole lot worse.
Thanks for the report and pics


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Great ride and excellent report as always Lynne. I'm sorry we didn't see more of you in this one rather than that "old man" of yours :p;)
A lot of challenges in that part of the country and you handled all the components like the accomplished riders you are! Congratulations


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Great ride guys and a great read too. Bad luck re the puncture on the way to the H2H and good on you for thinking of heading out there two up on the RT too! Can't wait to see you nail that one! (no pun intended).


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Thanks for reading our report guys, we had fun riding the "power to the people" it offers some different challenges with the slow MA in the Snowy's which is why we wanted to end along the Hume Hwy to make sure we didn't run out of time.

It was great to see Skidoo at Cabramurra and again at Tumut 2 power station and to our surprise he too was attempting the same ride but in a different direction.

We would still love to have another crack at the Hell to Heaven. I will keep dreaming about that one for the time being..