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I am new here and have been planning my first SS1000 for months, I am fortunate enough to live in West Virginia and thought the "Almost Heaven to Hell and back" would be an awesome ride to start with for my SS1000, but while mapping a route I decided why not try for the BB at the same time!

My plan is to roll in the morning after a great nights rest and head to Hell MI for the first leg of about 600 miles, then next 425 heading south to reenter WV for the SS1000. I planned on stopping for 4-6 hours of rest then running the next 500 to finish by the 36 Hour time limit.

I ride distance and have no problems sitting in the saddle for long periods of time, but I also realize sometimes things happen and I may not be able to finish the 1500 with-in the allotted time.

So here are the questions:

1. Do I need a Witness form at the 1000 mile mark when I stop back in WV? The reason I ask, if my bike breaks down after that or I cannot complete the 1500 in 36 hours I would hate to lose credit for what I had completed with-in the limits of the IBA.

2. On the corners of the ride the rules state to get a receipt to show I was there. How close to said corner is that requirement? I am using Bubbler GPS Pro and have it set for 5 minute increments for Spotwalla. On a few of the corners there isn't a stop close by to get a receipt from.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to clarification!


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1. You do no need a witness at the 1,000-mile/24-hour mark, but you do need to obtain a computer-generated receipt showing date, time, and location to document the fact that you completed the Saddlesore 1000 within the ride's time limit. If for some reason you subsequently fail to complete the Bun Burner 1500, obtain an end witness at that point.

2. The objective of the rule is to show you didn't take any shortcuts, so the receipt does not need to be precisely at the corner - just at some point that satisfies the objective of the rule. Including your Spotwalla track will also help demonstrate you rode the ride you claim.

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…on the corners of the ride the rules state to get a receipt…
…the objective of the rule is to show you didn't take any shortcuts…
Ira shalom,

On that note, you may want to take a look at that section of the rules – and make a once over to make the reason for the corner thing clearer, especially for new comers.

I’m occasionally contacted by new soon-to-be-members who want me to review their rides. I recently came across a SS1K ride with 23 (!) receipts – half of which were not needed.

Folks often take the word “corner” literally.

Just a thought,
Thanks for the information....
I have it down to 10 stops for receipts for the SS and and additional 8 for the additional 500 miles....

Going to play it by ear as I ride and let the road and ride dictate if I go for the BB. Looks as if weather may take a turn for the worse and I would rather take and slow and safe and arrive alive.