R2E The Olympic Games

Michiel Buitenwerf

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Since 2024 is the year of the Olympics, it will be held in Paris, France (from 26 July to 11 August), we will explore in 2023 the Olympic Rings at five locations in Europe.

2023 dates:
February 18 : Amsterdam Netherlands (1928)
April 15 : Barcelona Spain (1992)
June 24 : Athene Greece (1896, 1906, 2004)
September 2 : Sarajevo (former Yugoslavia) Bosnia and Herzegovina (1984)
October 21 : Paris France (1900 & 2024)

All details are published in their own thread.
If you want to attent for only the photo, please put in the comments below the Ride2Eat. For all others I will arrange a seat in the restaurant for diner.

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