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Hi all,

I've been thinking of a good time to do my first (and possibly last) SS1000. Some of you may know it is the RAF's 100 year anniversary next year and I figured that's a good idea. I have had a few ideas that come with complications and thought what better place to ask for advice then here.

I would be starting at RAF Northolt.

I've thought about Northolt-Penzance-cape wrath. But the chances of being allowed ON cape wrath is small.

Northolt - auschwitz. But don't know if a crossing would eat too much time.

Is it easier for the first one to stay in UK?

Either way I'm interested to see if I can make it.


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Hello Aherne746.

Welcome to the forum..

This sounds like a good idea, especially if you could get some support from the RAF... may be a guard room on each to stamp a route card..

Why not try to link camps on a route, as you probably know there are loads up the east coast right up to Lossiemouth. Then over and down to St Athan and back to Northolt.

I use to do a 46 mile walk called the Pathfinder March which linked several airfield in Cambridgeshire where the Pathfinders would fly from. Sadly it was stopped this year as the RAF could not support it any lounger but when it ran it was very well organised.

Just make sure you check your dates if you plan this in the summer and avoid the RBLR1000 and Armed Forces Day..


Oh and I doubt you'll get on Cape Wrath, only to the quay then it's a 40min bus trip that'll compress your spine, if the cafe has now shut the bus won't run..... :)


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If you have problems visiting current RAF bases - what about visiting ex-RAF bases which are now used for other purposes such as retail sites (Tesco Wick is next door to Wick Airport) or museums (Elvington, York, or Brooklands, Surrey) or race tracks (silverstone). Most of these places will have tea shops or souvenir shops so you can get proof during the daytime - night would be a bit more tricky...
I sometimes pass the memorial for RAF Banff Strike Wing and occasionally pull over to pay my respects. I think its quite poignant to think about these places and forces personnel who were stationed there......


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It might be a good idea to contact the RAF benevolent fund to see if you could get them on the case.
If possible do a SS 1000 first this year so you know what it is like don't set yourself up to fail because of the unknown.

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Hello Aherne746,
just a thought but it's also the 75th anniversary of the dams raid next year. It's about 500k to the Mohne but you could visit all of them and pad the route out a bit. Channel crossing probably a problem though, but could start from Calais I suppose ( would need advice on that though).
good luck,
It's a nice steady ride out to the dams from Calais, stayed at Detmold, but only about 360/370 miles. You'll need to build in some padding to fill route out.
So, after all my ideas and route planning, this event won't be happening. The idea has completely changed and we will now be attempting 100 raf stations past and present in under 10 days. Still a large undertaking. But means the SS challenges will have to wait for a bit. Thanks for all your advice and it will come in handy soon.