Registrations are now open until 1st March 2017


Peter, the verification process is the same for this ride as with others. The final part of of the verification is when you hand in your receipts at the end of the ride and they are checked by the team at Renmark.


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So I've just registered and payed my $80 fee and went to the link. Now PayPal says Ive paid but Ive nothing more than a reciept number. How do I find the payment confirmation?
Or will that show up in a couple of days?


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All's good.
PayPal confirmation is in hand.
Now I have to decide just which route of the two to use.
Longer daylight this year and some places that will be great photo ops at sunset and a road I've not travelled by bike in those closing hours.
Better book me a room.


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I am devastaed that i will not be able to make the muster this year.
I enjoyed the Parkes affair and was looking forward to this year.
However the planning gods got it wrong!!! Some one decided that muster shiuld occur on the same weekend as my godsons wedding.
Ride safe everyone. Catch you on the following year.


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I've just registered myself and 'Nevertire' Nic through RideMaster. The only 'purchase' mentioned was an $80 payment and would not allow me to purchase two.

I couldn't see a $45 pillion option anywhere so I have registered 10y/o Nic as a rider.

I'm happy to pay the extra and will guarantee he won't be riding up front.


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It looks like you're keeping the 'Riders List' under wraps so I couldn't see if any other pillions had found a way to access the $45. Or indeed if there were any other pillions registered.