Ride Around the Big Paddock

Here is the link to the ride that Wingman (Des) & Freddo are attempting at the moment .... Ride around the BIG Paddock having to utilise highway 1.


Now the secrect is out of what the boys are up to, here are some pics from the start.
Funnily enough we, as well as Philmor happened to meet these guys on Tuesday 4th April at our local BP servo in Berwick, Melbourne.

This is speedy Phil on his loan bike, giving it a shakedown before the muster!

Freddo, Phil & Fatman in background filling out witness forms

Wingman (Des) arriving to the start

Philmor, also completing paperwork for the boys

Taking in what they are about to do....

Chit chat before they get the start docket

Ok now have we got everything?

Ready for take off..

And they are off...... safe travels

Ok now to what they've done so far. As i mentioned they left Berwick, VIC 2.30am Tuesday 4th April

DAY 1 - The boys rode through to Ceduna SA that night.

DAY 2- From Ceduna SA they travelled to Ravensthorpe WA for the night.

DAY 3 - Somehow they ended up being 4 hours behind we think it was due to roadworks. It was this day that Gus found them riding through Perth WA and escorted them part of the way on their ride.
They continued riding on unsure where they stayed but they made up the lost 4 hours somewhere. They did say it was a lovely night for a ride.

DAY 4 - From i dont know where to Roebuck, WA

DAY 5 - Roebuck WA to Darwin NT, which was Saturday night, the night of the 2017 Muster

DAY 6 - From Darwin NT they had a hard route via Daly Waters NT, Borroloola NT, Barkly Homestead NT to Camooweal QLD which they seemed to have lost 2 hours from their schedule.

DAY 7 - TODAY From Camooweal QLD via Normanton QLD where Des spoke to Fatman approx 2pm today he said they were both in good spirits. They are now heading to Cairns QLD and down to Townsville QLD for the night.

Fatman has advised them of the numerous roadworks coming down the Bruce Hwy, from the recent damage.

DAY 8 - Townsville QLD down to Grafton NSW

DAY 9 - Grafton NSW back to Berwick VIC

We are hoping that they can make it home before the dead line of 2.30am Thursday morning!
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Looks like an intercept being planned for East Gippsland sometime on Wednesday. Fingers crossed that this rain eases up.


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I spoke to Des this morning at 4.30 am while they were having some brekky in Townsville. They had another tough day yesterday having to ride 2000km to get back on schedule, I assume they stayed the previous night at Barkly HS and not Camooweal as per the schedule?

Fatigue was starting to come on more frequently now I think today may be the make or break day? Des was reminded of "Rule #1", ie make it home safely!!

They now face coming down the Bruce Hwy and through all the areas hit by the recent Cyclone Debbie and the rain damage that brought. I hope Bruce is kind to them with regard to roadworks and damage. Time will tell I guess.


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I hope they make it through cyclone affected areas in reasonably good time

It's a pity they do not have modern spots for an intercept

I am aware that wingman's spot is situated in Berwick, Victoria amd his GPS is of paper format :)
Just a quick update to let you know what's going on around the paddock ......

Fatman spoke to Des around 2pm they were at Rockhampton and approx 1/2 behind schedule now and have had a good run so far. They have had a few power naps and both are feeling quite good. They are going to aim for Grafton tonight but if feeling ok might try and get to Taree just depends on all the roadworks and what delays they encounter. Des will phone Fatman again later on tonight to give us an update on how they are travelling...... so stay tuned

We had planned to talk to Des when he was riding on Saturday night whilst we were all at the muster but he has phone issues and he apologised for not being able to talk to us as he was looking forward to it.


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I just spoke to Wingman from Port Kembla, with 890km and 9 hrs to do it, he realises unfortunately that they are going to run out of time. BUGGER!

They are still riding south but may take a sleep stop near Eden he said.

As per LTP's moto, "Remember, the greatest failure is not to try" You both gave it a good shot guys, well done for trying.