Ride to Eat 2017 Nr 1 Luxembourg

michiel kerkhof

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Will be on febr 18 and we will meet at 16.00 at Place Guillaume 2 in Luxemburg city
N49 36.638 E6 07.847 in front of the statue....there is parking space there...probably illegal but...
We'll stay at IBIS airport (10 mins from center) at 55,25 per person this moment if you book direct.
Probably have dinner there...need to talk to them tmrw
Hotel Ibis,Route de Treves,Luxemburg/Findel
N 49 38.032 E 12.568
Hope to see you all there!!
1 JON12A
2/3 Bob Stammers + Linda
4 Michiel Kerkhof
5 Ziggy
6 Dan Ageland
7/8 Thomas&Katharina
9 Gerhard M Kruger
10 Phil Weston
11/12 Conny & Peter
13 Scott Miller
14/15 Graeme/Sally
16/17/18/19 Rob,Martin,Neil &Ricky
20 John Broom
21 Marc van Heelsbergen
22 Wulston Melling
23 Rainer Killian
24 Martin Buck
25 John Young
26/27 Philip/Cathy Parein
28 Aileron
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12 Days? 12Days!
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Hotel booked, cheffe ask, sunny weather orded, please add Conny and Peter to the list

Scott Miller

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I plan on being there as well. Booked a room at Ibis Budget Airport.
Nothing like a little motivation to get riding during winter!


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Planning on being there. will leave work Friday evening. resting on route, but will leave saturday after the meal.

got to get home for sunday morning for sons rugby game, I'm also a coach of the team.