Ride to Eat Nr 1 Center of Belgium Nil-St Vincent Febr.23,2019


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Are you sure? Ah go on, go on go on go on go on go on go on go on GO ON! Maybe a nice cup of tea with it?


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Bloody kids, when I say NO it means NO.:mad::mad::mad:.
Now go to bed or you won't go out on your motorbike tommorow.

PS you still haven't told me if you hav moved yet


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Graeme I don't think its fair replacing Sally just because her knee's are bad ! it even sounds like you've got her successor coming down with you.
Shame on you.:eek:
After years of service and thousands of miles
Shame on you Graeme :mad:
There's always a space on my seat Sal. But not this trip. Have I mentioned I am going to Costa Rica? :):):)
Let me Know if you want to go to France Sal.
Wenn es nicht schneit dann bin ich beim Fotopunkt dabei.
Kein Abendessen da ich am Sonntag früh schon einen Termin habe.

If it does not snow then I come to the photo point.
No dinner because I already have an appointment on Sunday morning.