Ride to Eat Nr 4 Center of Europe, Lithuania August 31,2019


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Morning Michiel,
I am afraid I have to cancel this trip, as my wife has developed a very bad back.
Please could you cancel me from the meal. sorry for the inconvenience Steve (Winglider)


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How about Rundale palace, Versailles of Latvia, easy to visit after Hill of Crosses? http://rundale.net/en/

If you really plan to go as far north as Haapsalu, then have a break in Aleksandri pub in Pärnu, most famous biker place in Estonia. http://aleksandripub.ee/eng/

Just for your information, I have now booked into an Airbnb apartment which is only 1.3 miles from the Panorama so I'll be handy for the meal and festivities. The apartment has secure underground parking so I have it Thursday through to Sunday nights and plan to do a Vilnius city break.

I'm looking forward to this and enjoying all the planning for a cultural sojourn to the Baltic States, a first for me. I have the Hill of Crosses, Haapsalu and Harz Mountains on my 'hit' list so far, anyone got any other ideas?
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