Riding as a group to to qualify?

A group of us are doing a +1500 miles / 36 hrs ride, from Waco TX to Memphis TN and back. On Day 01 we will have ridden over 1000 in less than 24 hrs. On Day 02 we will ride more than 500 miles to complete the +1500 in under 36.

Do we all have to take pictures of our receipts / odometer and maintain a log or can we use one and witness / certify that we were all there?
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Yes. The threshold for nested rides is that you can do the longer ride w/o necessarily doing the shorter one. It's possible to do a BB1500 ride in 36 hours w/o doing a SS1K in 24, so if you choose to do it the way you described, you can claim both. Understand that only one of the rides will count toward a Mile Eater award though when you nest certs.


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A suggestion, post a new question in a new reply to the thread if you have one, don't edit your original post with a new question.

To answer your new question, yes, each individual has to provide their own receipts and records of them. There is no group. Each individual is doing their own ride. They fail or succeed on their own actions and merits, including paperwork and follow through on emailing it all in.

Remember that the really important receipts are the start and finish. The rest are documenting your route and should provide enough documentation that it was not possible to cut a corner for a shorter route. That said, make sure you have a valid receipt with ALL of the required info, and that it's legible in your picture. Electronic odometers can be a real pain at times, depending on the light conditions.

Group rides tend to have more problems than individual rides. Remember, There is no group. Your buddy needs to stop and rest, let him do it, don't waste time waiting on him when you are ready to go. The most common group failure is due to excessive stopped time because people are BSing at stops or trying to all stop at the same time.


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You can't share odometer pics or anything like that. For the purpose of IBA certification, you are all going solo. You just happen to all be going solo at the same time and leaving from the same place and going to the same place. Each motorcycle has to have it's own complete set of pictures and receipts. You can't fill up all the bikes, get one receipt for 30 gallons of fuel, and take pics of that receipt next to everyone's odometer. Each bike needs to pull up to a pump and get its own receipt.

The certification team will review each ride on its own. (I'm assuming but feel confident in this assumption.) If you've gone 200 miles but had to get 20 gallons of fuel, it doesn't look like you took a motorcycle even if you've got a picture of your odometer. It looks like you towed 5 bikes behind a pickup truck and photoshop'd your odometer. Pictures showing a total of 1,000 miles with 100 gallons of fuel on a motorcycle looks suspicious AF! The IBA certification team has seen a large number of fuel receipts. They have a pretty good idea of the kind of fuel economy a motorcycle should be getting. 10 mpg will throw up some great big red flags. You don't want red flags while looking at your paperwork! You want your paperwork to look just like every other set of paperwork the cert team has seen.

The only time two people can use the same receipt is if they are riding the same bike. 2 up certs are fine, but you can't trade positions. The rider has to ride the whole ride with the pillion on the back the whole time.