Roadcrafter 46R with 1" side gussets and back pad

Used Roadcrafter 46 Regular red with black ballistics. Customized with 1" side gussets. (mfg 7-10-2010)

I am the original owner of this used RC, it was my daily riding partner. It is not brand new, nor is it significantly worn. Fully functional with lots of life left, no issues with anything, all zippers, velcro, and pockets operate perfectly. There is some road "dust" on it and it would clean up nicely (if you so desire) but it's got "character" in my book.

I had Aerostich install 1" side gussets when I purchased it...I've since discovered that regular exercise and not drinking every day results in weight loss, who knew??!! (Ha ha) Anyway, you can see from the pictures that it is kinda baggy on me now...alas. Originally I was 200-205 lbs and 5'10".

In addition to the usual TF3 pads (shoulder, elbow, and knee) it includes the optional TF3 back pad impact armor (standard, not the competition size).

I have all the original documentation and receipts. It cost me $1000 new. I'm looking for $750 but will entertain best offers. Front filled.JPG Front filled.JPG Back filled.JPG Mfg date, size, and custom info.jpg Mfg date, size, and custom info.jpg