Rusjel's Dalby Muster


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Opened to a 'nothing' type blank page for me ..... but perhaps that is just my work computer settings :rolleyes:
I'll check again tomorrow when I am back at home :)


Got to read it that time Rus, thanks for posting up and the photo's are great. I keep thinking that I would like a photo with the bike at Tenterfield in the memorial avenue :)
i always enjoy your writing style Russ. For a reverand, it has the right amount of irreverence. Oh, Smugly got a bit more fuel and a right proper thrashing, she now functions as per her design scope if you want another go


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I know your wobbling around would still be a formidable pace.Great read going to mull it over and think about the next ride somewhere while I’m stuck on my orange Vtwin with blades that handles like a shopping trolley.
Like the dreaded blog thingy.


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Loved your first link, the coffee stayed hot lol. Seriously, loved the read and pics, love that Tenterfield shot. Hasn't changed in decades. Was great catching up and looking forward to the next time we meet!