SA Border to Border


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Heading to the Border Run again this year, I thought I would do a big day for at least one of the two days minimum needed to get there from home.
I had a plan that I'd hatched a couple of years ago, so this was the time to get it done, as an SS1600.
So Thursday was a transport leg from Geelong to Bordertown SA. A bit of chinese for tea and then a few hours sleep. Up and going at 10.30 pm (SA time) with a receipt from the BP24 servo.
To go directly to the BR would mean I came up a little short for my 1600, so first it was down to Naracoorte, then up to Keith, then it was all straight through.
A good run along the Dukes Hwy, bloody cold through the Adelaide Hills, skirt the city and up the Augusta Hwy.
The sun came up as I passed through Crystal Brook. Just very cold all night, the temp sitting in low single figures.

My brand new purchase of heated socks were awesome!
A quick power nap in Pt Wakefield just to freshen up. Into Port Augusta Puma 24 servo for brekky but alas - they were renovating!
So it was Maccas for a McCrap burger and coffee and off again.
With only stops for fuel, urine, and a snack or two, I made very good time. Stopped for a couple of photos on the Nullarbor.
The skies are ever changing out here - and never disappoint!

The sun was getting low and I rolled into Border Village on sunset, 6.30 pm Central time.

Said hi to Rooey, then the other riders and friends who, like me this year, got there a day early to get a day off.

Bordertown to Border Village SA
Distance: 1739km
Time: 20 hours
(Cert to come)
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Onya Nico. Unfortunately I was out of the country for the BR this year, Will have to try harder next year. How were there numbers there?


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Nice riding for the SS1600 Nico and was good to catch up with you at the Border. Enjoy your ride home wherever you may be.