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I remember having trouble last year and had a great explanation of how to download and transfer the required file onto my TomTom. Unfortunately, I can't find the response that helped me out.

I'm trying to get the GPX file onto my TomTom sat nav (50/51) but it's not recognising it in the 'My Routes' although it does come up on the screen, and then I can't save it to routes.
When I download the GPX file I can see it in the TomTom route planner, and then go to 'my routes' on the laptop and say 'Send to Device, but it still doesn't show on 'My Routes' on the SatNav.
Looked at the ITN file, which is for TomTom but I just get a new browser page pop up with the following, which says it is a 'Garmin Desktop App' at the bottom.
-128897|5378305|Squires (start & finish)|0|
-128082|5376193|A1 Junc 42 - South On-Ramp|2|
173712|5250267|Lowestoft Tesco 24hr Fuel Station|2|
-015691|5086735|Brighton 24hr Fuel Station|2|
-346405|5071512|M5 Exeter Services 24hr Fuel Station|2|
-496579|5182265|Harverfordwest 24hr Fuel Station|2|
-415397|5320679|Bangor Tesco 24hr Fuel Station|2|
-128326|5376278|A1 Junc 42 - North Off-Ramp|2|
-128897|5378305|Squires (start & finish)|2|
"Garmin Desktop App"

Any techy advice that will enable me to have it registered in 'My Routes' ?



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Glad that you sorted it Dave. When I created the files I used Garmin Basecamp. I then converted the gpx files to older TomTom compatible ITN files using the Tyre (to travel) mapping programme. As I only own Garmins I've never been able to know how the adapted files download onto TTs and then work.

If a route file doesn't work so long as the checkpoint locations are in there you can always go from 'point to point'. The routes were verified so whichever way you go between them you'll always cover the required actual mileage. This is another good reason for possibly having a set of road numbers, exit junction numbers etc written down on a tank bag top or similar. ;)


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Hi Dave,

There's a brilliant piece of software called ITN Converter, which can handle just about every satnav-related file format known to man, and convert between them. Even better, it's free! Once you've got that, you can open the GPX file, then export it as a TomTom Itinerary file - with a .ITN extension. Copy that file to the 'itn' folder on your TomTom, and it will then show up when you choose Open in the Manage Itineraries function.

ITN convertor seems to convert most anything I've tried onto garmin or tomtom readable files, the easy answer is to either send it through ITN convertor or open the GPX file in tyre this lets you send it straight to a tom tom there are a couple of ways of doing it from the screen both seem to do the trick, it will also let you convert multiple waypoints to points of interest which again you can store in your tomtom, sometimes just finding what suits you as easiest by experimentation is the way but tyre routes are usually pretty easy to ping straight in. depending on what I'm doing i'll use either POI's or waypoints.

Dave Rose

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Thanks everyone for your responses. I think my problem was not being familiar with the new 6200 TomTom but I'll get that ITN Converter for the future.
Thanks again, see you all on the 16 June, if not before.


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