Schuberth sun visor going spare


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Hi there,

Has anyone got a Schuberth C3 Pro or S2 Sport, in a size of at least XL, who would like a brand new internal sun visor? I ordered a new one for mine, which uses the smaller size, from; they screwed up and sent me the larger size. They're sending out the correct size, and say it's not worth the postage to send it back. So if you can make use of it, it's yours.

Full disclosure: this will involve actually meeting me, so take that into account... unless you're willing to pay the postage, of course - likely to only be around £3 or £4.


Kim Leeson

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Hi Martin...sold! (unless already claimed of course) I'm running an XL E1 but Visordown claims sun visor fits C3, S2, and E1...are you by chance heading to John & Sonia's next weekend?