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Hi Team,
I am sitting back and looking at my 2010 DL650 V-Strom and getting it setup for FarRides and the odd IBA run, i know quite a few people have used the Stroms for their distance riding, can you drop me a few tips and ideas of what you did to get the bike setup to suit you?


Andrew Weston

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When I did my SS and the Brit Butt Rally, I did pretty much the same as Bob.

I also had a power socket fitted so that I could power a heated liner for the night and early morning time.
I always carry a small first aid kit and a puncture repair kit and for the rides I popped a small electric compressor into one of the panniers as a just in case.

Apart from that I didn't add too much to be honest as I already had a Scottoiler; snacks and drinks in the 'high end' pannier to aid access.


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I have a klr and some of the things that I've done is add a throttle lock, beadrider seat, taller windshield, power outlet for gps, ph and heated gear. Lots of extra zip ties and gorilla duct tape.

Jeff Luke

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Got a 09 Wee here, and added tank bag power from a 8 circuit fuse block under the seat, power-let on handlebar.
I have foot pegs because my knees cramp. I like to be noticed so I added Hyper-Lites.
I haven't put on the heated grips yet but I do have brush guards that block a ton of wind.
Not for LD but I installed a H4 light harness swap so the power isn't through that rocker switch and is relay driven to the fuse block. Supposed to put more lumens out, but I didn't notice and improvement. I'm set to add some LEDs on front next but still doing testing some ebay lamps on another bike.
Have fun.

Joseph Kappes

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I own two V-Strom DL650s (yeah, two) a 2012 & a 2013. I do all of my distance rides with them. Between the two currently 80,000+ miles. I camp about half the time & always carry camping equipment. They are pretty much bullet proof as far as reliability. They are nibble enough for all road surfaces, have decent fuel capacity & mpg. I think the 650 has plenty of power & torque for all but the most technical riding.

IMHO for LD riding the most important farkles are about comfort. Custom seat, touring windshield, highway pegs... Next, important is protection; crash bars, hand guards, skid plate,... Next is capacity; side cases, topbox, tankbag, tank panniers, waterproof duffles, etc...
GPS, hydration, heated liners, accessory & safety lighting, are also important....
The more I travel, the more I tinker with my setup.
My K2 DL1000 has a big Givi top-box, HID's to keep the power consumption down (generally I don't like HID's, but the huge reflectors of the DL means the beam pattern is very close to stock) and an MRA vario screen.

The K2 in particular has a very weak electrical output and it struggles to run the toys. Other than that, I have engine bars (Givi, soon to be replaced with Heed), Oxford heated grips (which are pants), a Keis heated jacket (pretty good) and some as-yet untested Barkbusters handguards but otherwise it's a pretty stock bike. Apart from the electrical output being marginal, I've not found it particularly in need of farkling. The fuel range is plenty good enough for me around the UK.

I'm also about to fit some Pilot Road 4 Trails as it will better suit the riding I do. I've never really liked the Tourances anyway.


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I have an 07 "Wee", and rode mine pretty much stock for the first 8 years, apart from a couple of 12 volt sockets.
Then. I had a little "get off" , busted off some bits down the left side.
So this made me do some mods I've been thinking of for some time.
A fatbar on risers, gives better feel as it straightens the bars, bar busters with storm guards ( and I've just added the LED running lights to them)
A purpose made GPS mount from Twisted Trottle to place the unit above the dash, RAM x grip for the phone, Starcom1 coms system, upgraded headlight globes, LED spots on Twisted Trottle mount, heated grips, pivot pegs and a steel off road gear lever with a flick tip.
All up, it's made an effective difference, but will still keep adding as time goes on.
It's a bullet proof bike which hasn't given me any problems at all, 70000k on the odo. I use it as a daily commuter as well as the occasional long haul ride.


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( Snip ..... ) I own two V-Strom DL650s (yeah, two) a 2012 & a 2013. I do all of my distance rides with them. They are pretty much bullet proof as far as reliability. I think the 650 has plenty of power & torque for all but the most technical riding.
Joe : You may meet Ishii if he does the Great Lakes Challenge this year. He rides a Burgman 400 and he is consistently usually one of the first Riders back in. Ishii gets some funny looks before departure from Riders who don't know him, but then he is at the ending location of the ride to greet them as they return. So, Ishii proves gobs of power is not a requirement for LD Riding.
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