Shortest ride of the year

Kim Leeson

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Hotel booked for Lowestoft and Hayle...the ride from Ipswich to Lowestoft was just too much to consider :) besides I like the idea of a social evening with you loonies close to Christmas.


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We don't do cut off dates Ian. You just make sure you heal up properly and don't wait too long before booking the hotels.
Can't attend this as a family chrimbo gathering has just been planned i have a fixed room booking at the Premier inn Hayle that i can't cancel so if anyone wants it message me for details.
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Ian M

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can you put me down for this

I'll stay overnight in sunny Lowestoft but will be there late evening as Saturday is #4s birthday


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Please add me to the list ( my wife likes the badge :))
Good to have you along Lynn are you stopping at the Hotel Saturday / Sunday night ?.
Will be nice to talk about the rugby with you and how we became world champions. ;)