Skidoo continues on after completing 50CC


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You may think a sleep in was in order for Skidoooo, but no he was on the road from Darwin around 1.45am and currently near Daly Waters.


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Marls this is shaping up as an IBA Australia Southern Cross ride.

Pointing at Melbourne currently. After that if they turn for Brisbane with a stop in Sydney on the way that ride would be complete.


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Nothing on TV last night so went for a little ride. And look who turns up, bugger me!

At Torquay minding our own business and in come the dynamic duo ending a 50CC North South. Well done again guys.

Who knows where to next?? :hide

Some pics we took.

Edited.. I meant to add, they both looked surprisingly well and in very good spirits especially when you consider the amount of riding they have done ...... so far!

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Great photos thanks I like the new graphics on the ST Abe and Karl Kate does look alive and wicked with the glow in those photos.

Can't mistake that long distance smile and glint in the eye that comes from days on the road.


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Skidoooo and Abe must have got sick of sight seeing.

SPOT suggests they left Cooktown close to 3am this morning and are currently approaching Innisfail... Now where?


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Me finks Skidoo has used up all his SPOT batteries and had to replace them at Cooktown

He is certainly giving his Spot a good workout, that's for sure. How it is even still working is beyond me. When we were at Hay on the group's 50CC east to west I helped to change his Spot batteries and the orange case has numerous grazes and marks on it from hitting the road here and there over the years, makes a good test unit I guess.