software updates to mapping programs/bluetooth hardware


Thought it may be worth while adding a spot for people to add information regarding the latest updates to software for mapping programs and/or bluetooth hardware.

Please post up your changes and we will attempt to keep this copy up to date and remove the other posts.

Basecamp has been updated to 4.7 as of 23 May 18
Sena SR10 version 1.2
Sena Device Manger 3.9.6 as of 13/10/19
Garmin Express Firmware Update 6.18 as of 13/10/19
Garmin Map update 2020.3 as of 13/10/19
Sena have released v2.0.1 for all of their 20 and 2.3.1 for 30 series. 13/10/19
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