SOLD -- Firecreek Quicktank Aux Tank for '01-'17 GL1800 For Sale


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I added the Quicktank to my 2013 GL1800 a few years ago and sold my bike last month shortly after completing BL9. It is in nice shape with no dents or deep scratches but does have some light scratching on the black powder-coated upper surface where I would tie down a duffle bag or cooler. Comes just as you'd get it from Dayle with male -6 AN on lower fuel outlet and -male -6 AN on upper vent in fill tube, but no other fittings. His website has excellent directions for the bulkhead fitting installation and several ways to plumb the tank itself including a parts list for the fittings required for a typical installation. I used Jiffy-Tite quick release fittings and never had trouble or leakage.

This is a really nice setup and I considered keeping it and adapting it to my '19 IBR bike or my V-Strom, but the math and mounting method make it impractical to do that.

Totals 4.7 gallons and is recognized by the IBA and more easily passes through tech without a ton of scrutinization.

See the Firecreek site for better pictures and descriptions than I could provide: click me .

Firecreek sells them for $1599 shipped. I figure half of that is fair -- $800 shipped to the 48.

PM if interested and I'll provide you with my phone number if you want to talk about it.



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Wow. Orphaned this thread and forgot all about it. Tank is long since sold.

Tep_52.....much easier ways to add an aux tank to your Harley. While this is a nice tank, look into mounting one above the pillion seat.