SOLD FS - Aux Fuel System for R1200RT $100 + SOLD


Dave Long
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Pillion mount, gravity feed. Currently has 2.5 gal round aluminum tank. 4 gal rectangular aluminum tank is available. Mount is made of 0.125" mild steel, and is similar to a BLM mount. Handles were mounted to aid pickup and to protect the valve. I will trade out my drilled 2006 main tank with yours. I have a 2009+ spare main tank that I drilled. I did not realize Aux Fuel Tank Left.jpg Aux Fuel Tank Right.jpg that the filler caps are slightly different between 05-08 and 09-up. With 1/4" fuel line, this system will put 2 gal in the main tank in 20 min. Just the mount and 2.5 gal tank - $100. 4 gal tank add $50. Trade main tanks add $50, unless you come to me to trade, then free. I'm near St. Paul, MN.

Dave Long
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