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Some of the newer readers may have a bit of difficulty with the speed vs distance equation...so a few brain cells later, the PDF attached to this post hopefully explains this using a 'real life' (okay, hypothetical) data set. The forum won't allow me to post the Excel worksheet, but this PDF is adequate to explain these examples.

I've computed a hypothetical hour of general-purpose LD riding. The speeds are the same (70MPH - think cruise control on a flat road with no wind!) and this hour of time has been done these four ways intentionally. The chart on the first page of the PDF simply shows a plot of these four examples. For this hypothetical hour at the end of each minute the speed, the distance you traveled in miles for that minute, and the most pertinent data column, the aggregate distance traveled.

The bottom of each table explains in a little more detail about the scenario that I have run in each case. Good, clean getaway from a fuel stop - or starting the first hour of a ride is in Example A. The next shows just some periodic, brief, slight slowdowns in the same first hour as Example B. The third Example C shows a bit of a time drain in a less-than-clean getaway, due to traffic. The final Example D simply shows what a nine minute fuel stop does to that same hour of time with respect to the overall average speed.

String 15, 16, or more of these hypothetical hours together, and you'll have an Iron Butt ride! :cool:


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I took mine out for the 1st time in about 3 months, since the whole D thing started...battery was completely dead, bike needed washing (duh), tank was empty so I added some fuel line cleaner because why not?, rode the bike to the station about 7 miles away and it wouldn't restart at first. Rode another 100 miles, brought it home, cleaned off the bugs and leaving it on the charger. GPS was dead- wouldn't even turn on and then it was over 5 hours off on the time. Took it about ten minutes before correcting itself. But the weather was nice (low 70s), so I didn't need much more than sweatpants and a LS shirt, plus helmet and gloves. I need to plan either 2 BBGs or one 3,400+ mile ride to get to 48K to hit the next service interval. I'm just typing the random things popping into my head without checking for clarity. :)