Spot Links for Muster.


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Just having a feed at Marulan. Its a Barmy 5 deg outside. Great riding weather.
Will finsh coffee and head out and continue south to Wagga Wagga then head to parkes for checkin.


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Malcolm from W.A. on a blue Honda ST1300 is just over 2 hours from Parkes ( should be arriving just after 01:00 ) and loving his heated clothing ! Lots of 'roos as well.


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Reply from Jason, bit late but there you go.

Hey, Bazz.

Thanks for the kind words. Sorry I couldn't get to this sooner - day job was a bit busy today. The direct link to your location page is:

The view password, Parkes2July, is case-sensitive. Users can join this page by clicking this link:

Even though the page is private, ensure users are aware of secure zones and how to protect their location. Holler at me if you need anything. Y'all have a safe, fun event.



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Liz and I are back in the Hill, resting up before the final leg into the teeth of the cold and dark.

See you all real soon.