Spot X and Aerostich Roadcrafter


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I have a Spot X, and I've found that if it's inside a pocket it does not ping the satellites. If I mount the Spot X on my motorcycle's handlebar it tracks very well, but for the sake of safety I know it would be better to wear the Spot device on my person. I have an Aerostich R-3 and a 2-piece Roadcrafter Classic.

I'm curious to see how others do wear their tracker devices. I know one option is to attach it to the left pocket carabiner, but I'd rather not have it dangling (and I use that carabiner for a hydration tube). How do you wear your tracker?


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Klim or Giant Loop make a shoulder strap mount for the Spot as does another company Google is your friend there.

Me, I mount it to my bike, I understand it may not be ideal in a severe crash when I cannot make it to my bike, but at the same time I also believe there is no guarantee the spot will still be attached to my jacket in a similar get off, so it is a measured option I chose.
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Thanks, I see Giant Loop has a wrist strap. I might pick up one of those.

It occurs to me that I could probably fashion my own strap holder that loops through the glove holder feature on the left breast pocket of the Roadcrafter. That would prevent it from dangling and shouldn't interfere with my hydration tube.
On the Darian jacket I can place the carbiner through a loop that is under the flap for the external pocket up near the shoulder.