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I was going to use Bubbler lite/spotwalla for an upcoming ride. But wanted interactive maps at the same time. I did a test ride a week back and my bubbler/spotwalla didn't start until Google maps destination was complete. Do I need two devices to do this or is there another way? I was hoping I could use my phone for it all.... GPS, music, phone calls. I do have multiple devices (old phone, and a tablet) but would rather just take one. What do you suggest?

On another note, I'm not tied to using Google maps, just what I'm used to. I would prefer to use something that can hold like 20 destinations (which google maps can only handle 10).

Appreciate your thoughts!

Amnon Romano

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I'm not sure what went wrong, so I suggest you contact Bubbler support (by mail).
I use one device (S7) for ALL applications simultaneously with no interference effects: WAZE, Google Maps, Bubbler, music, phone (by bluetooth), Dashcam, POI Pocket, and ocasionally one or more apps. Everything works in perfect harmony - as long as you have powerful enough on-board charger.

Regarding the other issue, if you use you can add as many stops as you wish to the Google Navigator (something I recently found out in this very forum...)


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You may want to be certain that you're phone isn't trying to manage battery life by temporarily pausing certain functions when it's soley on battery power.

As Amnon wrote, I'm also able to do all of those things using a Google Pixel along with a suitable charger, keeping the battery level from dropping too low.

So, experimentation time...

Setup a short ride with Spotwalla, then go for a ride using Bubbler. Now, the lite version minimum tracking is either 10 or 15 minutes, I believe, so you'll need to ride for a bit to get some tracking recorded. NOTE: I have paid version, that allows for 5 minute tracking intervals.

Don't use the phone for anything else - just be certain that Bubbler & Spotwalla is operating normally.

Let us know what happens.
I guess it is the tracking times @ 15 min, I went for a 20 mile ride this weekend just to see what was what. I had bubbler running, google maps, and digihud speed app running on my phone (maps and the speed app running side by side). I was also plugged in to my bike's usb ports (this time) that I recently added. Spotwalla didn't show starting until I got to the gas station to get gas about a mile from my home, even though I set up the trip about 1/2 hr before. It reported odd routes, not the way I went but from last reported site (as the bird flies), which was surprising to me. I guess it says you were at this point at this time, doesn't say how you got there. I can foresee every 5 minutes being more accurate.

Considering buying the pro version of bubbler, though doing a 50cc the tracking points probably won't matter so much as the route is pretty straight. I determined my bike's speedo is off from digihud by about 5mph at speed.

Anyone know the key features of the pro over lite? I couldn't figure out how SMS worked (yeah I know it SMS is text), but what kicks it off (does it work in lite)? It would be nice to automatically annoy my wife with texts saying I've stopped for gas, while she's sleeping :p. But as I said, I didn't see how this worked. Are there other cool features of pro for the IBA rider?

Amnon Romano

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The pro can store 1,500 points offline
It can track you every 5 min
One small support-fee for life

That's it for me. I believe there is more info in the website.


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Anyone know the key features of the pro over lite? I couldn't figure out how SMS worked (yeah I know it SMS is text), but what kicks it off (does it work in lite)? It would be nice to automatically annoy my wife with texts saying I've stopped for gas, while she's sleeping :p. But as I said, I didn't see how this worked. Are there other cool features of pro for the IBA rider?
Amnon hit the biggies...the only other one is that pro can take pictures, and show those pictures in your trip map in

The email / SMS function?

Once set up in the Bubbler app, when you hit a given button (example, fuel) to mark your location, it then launches email / SMS to one or more people that sends the pre-determined message for any given stop. One format is Fuel-Your Text-Link, which could be changed to Fuel-All okay; ride progressing-Link (which I think is a link to your Spotwalla map.


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Once I figured out all the details I have become a fan of Bubbler and use the Pro version. I set the update frequency to 10 minutes the same as the IBR rules. Changed the maximum time to wait for a GPS fix to the suggested 30. Camera is set to show date and time on the photograph just because. Camera email you have to set up a POP 5 account with one of your emails. Every time I take a picture with Bubbler it sends it to my other email account. A piece of mind backup when I'm photographing receipts with the phone camera separately. In the General settings I have it as Auto-Rotate and Buttons, make sure your phone settings auto rotates rather than being in the fixed position, the photos come out a little odd if you don't. SMS add a new phone number(s) of whoever you want and check off the messages you want sent to them. When taking a Bubbler picture do it first then add the comment before pushing one of the buttons. SMS also sends a position link for Google maps along with whatever comment you made.

Two recent trip links to give an idea what happens. Ten minutes between each position is enough any less time and the map becomes difficult to follow. I've found the battery lasts longer, too. Why? Why Not! SS2K Florida to Arizona

Caution on SMS messages. My wife gets them all because she is smart enough not to text me unless there is an actual emergency. I made the mistake of sending messages to my brother-in-law when I was doing a 50CC. He was told don't text me just watch and I'll get with you later. Every stop he sent a text message and then when I was finally asleep damm if another text from him woke me up. Needless to say I learned my lesson and usually don't give out the link or text message anyone until after the fact. Another IBA rider and I are pretty good friends he gets all the messages on my rides. The last and only text I got from him was "your phone is at 27% plug it in." I'd say that was a valid message. :)

I've gotten in the habit of letting Bubbler run all the time, it doesn't use too much battery. I create a monthly private trip and everyplace I go it gets used just for practice. I turn off the SMS sections so I don't annoy anybody. When I get ready to do a ride I create another new trip because Spotwalla doesn't care how many simultaneous trips are running. Go back into Bubbler and enable the SMS sections for my various phone numbers.

Hope this helps
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Bought the pro version. Can you tell me how this camera and sms works, what kicks it off?
First - you hit the upper right camera icon and take a pic.
Then, you review and accept/retake it.
Optionally - you can add some short text in the line next to the camera icon.
Finally - you hit one of the 8 icons.


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On out and back trips I just have one ride as the trip. This allows for easier tracking and you will notice that the dots do not overlap when you zoom in. It is just one last thing to keep track of.
Ok, thanks again, you guys are great!!! Can someone help with Camera email settings? What is this for?
It sends the picture as a file to a pre-specified address. I played with it for a while but now just automaticly upload everything I take picture of to Google Photos for backup.
I get errors when I try to set the Camera Email settings. "Error Encountered - Message failed to send". I'm using a valid gmail account 1st line, password 2nd (which is correct), 3rd, Enable SSL checked, Port 465, am I doing something wrong. My password is correct. Amnon, how do you save pictures for a back up. I only see accept and retake, is there another way to capture?
For the camera email to work you have to Allow less secure apps in your Google account settings.

The auto backup is not a bubbler feature - open Google Photos - settings - backup & sync - backup device folders - enable bubblergps.
From now on - every photo you take with bubbler will automatically be uploaded to the cloud.
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What do you use for interactive navigation, for my trip I expect @ 19 fuel stops including start and stop one way, round trip @ 38 + 3 on the way home. I don't want to fiddle with putting in addresses in my phone on the road. I understand mappedme will map more than 10 locations in google maps, but you can't start or continue a route, that's good for submitted a trip to IBA. I'd like to pre-program my routes, and run from gas station to gas station. Is there a navigation system capable of this on a android phone (Note 8) that won't mess with Bubbler?


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I used waze to do that during a rally and a BBG. I just entered all the stops as favorites and numbered them so I knew which one was next. I ran SWconnect in the background on my iPhone and it worked fine without any crashes or glitches.